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Trionaid Associates makes it fast, easy and convenient to screen potential New Hires, volunteers, existing employees and/or tenants.  

With access to Federal, State, and County criminal Records, credit reporting agencies and cutting edge screening technology we help your agency make informed decisions, limit liability, and ensure a safe environment.  

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Why Trionaid for
background screening?

Background Screening is an essential tool for any business owner, landlord, staffing manager, or organization to help ensure the people you are working with, renting to, or hiring are qualified,  reliable and of sound moral character.

Our criminal record searches come directly from primary sources and are expertly analyzed by our team of professional screeners, who follow all federal, state and industry best practices and guidelines.

we employ a team of experienced screeners and professional investigators with impeccable credentials.  our team will provide accurate, timely information that can be relied upon during the decision making process.  


No more data entry, paper forms, and emails.

We automate collecting applicants data, disclosures, checks, and send you alerts.


Stop collecting Social Security numbers (ssn) on paper faxes or email.

We secure your data with bank-grade encryption


We keep it simple with no setup fees, no contract, and only pay per report.

Also ask for our background screening volume discount.


The Frca law requires employers to follow certain procedures with consent, adverse event notices, and disputes.
We've got you covered!

Background Services we provide...

Criminal Records







Motor Vehicle

License Verification

Violations & Citations

Unpaid Tickets  

Driving While Impaired


Credit Report

Personal Financials

Assets and Liabilities

Employment credit

Tenant Credit score

Debts and Debtors

Other Checks

Sex Offender Registry

Reference Checks


Social Media Scans

drug testing and more

We are A professional background screening firm. we provide only FCRA Compliant services

Reasons to screen potential hires

Workplace Safety Hiring a dangerous person or criminal can put your employees, assets, and customers at risk.

Job Competence verify education and previous employment to ensure employee qualifications.

Reputation Employees represent you and your organization. Don’t let a Bad hire ruin the image you have worked so hard to obtain.

Honesty & Integrity Verification services help ensure applicants are not misleading you or providing false information on their application or resume. 

Trionaid Associates Helps make the  hiring process easier by providing tools to streamline the screening process.

Our vast array of options will perfectly compliment your current hiring process.

Avoid Costly negligent hiring suits and turnover costs!

When you don't screen employees

Jeopardize staff, customers, and company assets by unknowingly hiring a criminal.

The possibility of a negligent hiring lawsuit

Subject to Fraud

Lost time and money from hiring an unqualified person

Increased Employee Turnover

Hiring a Drug addict can affect company morale and efficiency

Risking your organization’s reputation by hiring someone with a questionable social media presence

Pre Employment Screening

Background Screening is essential to any business owner, landlord, staffing manager, or organization to make sure the people you are working with, or renting too are safe, qualified, and reliable.

Hiring is a huge decision don’t go into it without the right information.

Every state has a criminal repository in which county courts are required to submit criminal record information too on a regular basis. 

TrionAid uses ClearStar’s Background Screening Portal to allow our clients full access to the status of their background checks.  This platform makes it easy for you to log in, submit new screening claims, and fully manage your workforce.

We are a professional private investigators, not a one click background screening vendor.

We have over 100 years of law enforcement experience combined.

You will be assigned your own investigator.

We are transparent with our findings

FRCA | Opportunity to Compete Act


We have over 100 years of law enforcement experience combined.

Personal investigator assigned to each case. transparent with our findings.

FRCA Compliant

What may be reported on a background check...

Jurisdiction Case Number Defendant Charge Filling Date Degree of Offense Disposition (date) Sentance

Education History Sex Offender Licensing Records Employment History Financials Immigration Citizenship Work visa status Motor Vehicle Records Litigation Records

Reasons to get a background check...

Job Competence

Workplace Safety

Workplace Theft

Honesty & Integrity

Workplace Reputation

The type of searches we offer

County Criminal Records Search

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal Civil Records Search


Prohibited Parties Check

Statewide Criminal Search

Sex Offender Registry Search

Widescreen Plus

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