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We Offer Student Screening
A student background check is a type of screening that is done specifically on students, most commonly ones that are applying for internships in sensitive fields such as health care. Trionaid provides detailed background checks and drug screenings to assist employers in choosing the best candidates for clinical rotations and internships.
Screen Me Now
Get your own background screen easily and confidentially! As a consumer or applicant, you can order the same kind of professional background screen about yourself that corporate decision-makers often require before they formalize a relationship with you. It's easy to begin.
School Safety & Security Program
Trionaid Associates provides experienced consultants that are comprised of retired law enforcement executives and corporate security professionals with impeccable credentials.
Supply Chain Security
Those involved in the movement of freight and their business partners worldwide have compelling interests in the secure efficient flow of goods.
Active Shooter Training
The purpose of "Active Shooter-Dangerous Intruder" training is to educate school officials and business managers, in regard to proactively responding to "Violent Intruder" incidents within a school or work place.
TrionAid is a FULL SERVICE background investigation company

From small Businesses to Corporate Accounts, we’ve got the Information and Services you need!
Student Screening
Student Screening
  • >> Positive Identification
  • >> Criminal History
  • >> Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • >> Immunization Check
Counseling Services
Supply Chain Security
  • >>    Comprehensive Assessment/Audit
  • >>    Compliance
  • >>    Cargo Crime Investigation & Protection Programs
  • >>    Security Management
Pre-Employment Screening
Pre-Employment Screening
  • >>    Positive Identification
  • >>    National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • >>    Reference Check
  • >>    U.S. Federal Criminal Search

School Safety

School Safety & Security
  • >>    Service Safety and Security Package
  • >>    Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • >>    Review Safety and Security Protocols
  • >>    Utilize an "All Hazards" approach
Student Screening
Active Shooter Training
  • >> Mass Evacuation Procedures
  • >> Trauma First Aid
  • >> Tactical Response
  • >> Scenarios
D.O.T Managed Services
D.O.T Managed Services
  • >>    Policy Creation & Counseling
  • >>    Employment Verification
  • >>    CDL Verification Record Check
  • >>    Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program

An Experienced NJ Background Screening Company

There are many reasons why you need a background screening company in NJ to provide you with a variety of background investigations. Whether you need employment background investigations in NJ, a criminal background check or a tenant background check, TrionAid Associates can provide you with a long list of services to help you make the right choices.

NJ Pre Employment Screen Companies

Before you hire someone to work for you, it is important to perform a pre employment drug screen in New Jersey to ensure the candidate is clean. In addition to drug testing, we provide many other employment screening services in NJ, including a physician background check, truck driver background check or even New Jersey student background checks for internships. Unlike other background investigation companies in NJ, our pre-employment screening will provide you with answers quickly so you can make your final decision. You shouldn't have to wait for the results of a New Jersey pre employment background check.

Landlord Checks

Renting out an apartment or a home can be risky business as well. If you need NJ background checks for landlords, we can provide you with affordable services so you don't rent out to someone who isn't trustworthy. These background investigations in New Jersey will reveal credit history, as well as employment history, so you can feel more confident in the person to whom you rent your space.

Criminal New Jersey Background Check

Not all background check companies in NJ are able to help with criminal background checks in the same way. In addition to the background checks in NJ, we also offer forensic services to allow you to find out the truth behind the matter.

Trust our background investigations in New Jersey to make the right choices, whether for employment, rental candidates or any other aspect of life.

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