Social Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring Intelligence

Trionaid Helps organizations that need to leverage the power of social media to mitigate risk, anticipate threats, and uncover actionable intelligence. Our team has the experience in cyber security, law enforcement, intelligence. Our threat intelligence platform addresses some of the most serious challenges facing intelligence analysts investigating the web today.

Trionaid's offers a cloud-based threat intelligence platform that mines the web in real-time and reveals what matters. Acquire the insights you need to manage cyber risk and mitigate threats.

In today’s threat landscape, the reality is it takes an all-source approach to unearth actionable intelligence. Trionaid provides the ability to collect web data from a multitude of sources including social media via keyword, hash tag, geo-fence and meta-data parameters in real-time. We automatically collect, centralize and extract entities from the data you collect into one location where you can search, reduce, and visualize intelligence to get answers to questions in seconds.

  • Protect Physical Assets
  • Conduct Investigations
  • Early Detection of Potential Threats
  • Detect Labor Unrest
  • Identify Bullying
  • Hostile Workplace issues
  • Target Social Influencers
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Expand Due Diligence
  • Detect Loss

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