Pre Employment Screening

Pre Employment Screening and Background Checks

Employee background checks are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to screening new and existing employees. The reputation of an organization lies on the people who represent it, and a comprehensive background check can prevent bad hires and protect against financial and legal risk. Background checks provide a host of information on the candidate, including a criminal background and drug screening.

Trionaid Makes Employment Background Checks Easy

As a full-service background investigative company, Trionaid offers comprehensive employee drug screenings for both pre-employment and random drug testing. Our background screening services can be easily integrated into your organization thanks to our customizable solutions that fit the needs of businesses large and small. Once your organization sees just how easy it is to run an employee background check with us, you’ll never look back.


Pre-employment background checks are kept simple with Trionaid's comprehensive solutions. With years of experience screening candidates, our team has found ways to make background checks most efficient for today’s organizations. For instance, we offer customizable solutions, tens of thousands of collection sites and flexible ordering and tracking of screening requests.

What’s Included?

Depending on how thorough you want the pre-employment screen to be, our investigators can examine any of the following:

  • Positive Identification
  • Maiden/AKA Name Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Professional License Credentialing
  • Reference Check
  • County and Statewide Criminal History Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Search
  • U.S. Federal Criminal Search
  • U.S. Federal Civil Search

At Trionaid, we know that you’re busy and rely on employment screenings to deliver the fast, accurate results you’re looking for. Let us assist you in running employment background checks and drug screenings so that in the meantime, you can focus on the core values of your organization while having the utmost confidence in your employees. Contact Trionaid today to learn more about our affordable employment background checks at 1-732-998-8406.

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