Active Shooter Training

The purpose of "Active Shooter-Dangerous Intruder" training is to educate school officials and business managers, in regard to proactively responding to "Violent Intruder" incidents within a school or work place.

The "Active Shooter" training program is designed to enhance current Emergency Operations Plans in regard to "Lock-down" or "Secure-in-Place" procedures. Our program is based on established best practices and focuses on the lessons learned during actual shooting events. Our certified instructors are all career law enforcement executives and security professionals with years of real world experience, which adds to the overall credibility of our program.

We offer custom tailored blocks of instruction based on the target audience. Our one (1),two (2), and three(3) hour programs are designed to raise awareness and preparedness levels for faculty, staff and employees within a school district or business environment.

Our four (4) hour and eight (8) hour blocks are designed for response personnel such as school security officers and public safety employees.

One Hour (2), Two Hour (2), Three (3) Hour Program Topic's Include:

  • Case Studies
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Proactive Use of Technology
  • Mass Evacuations
  • Trauma First Aid
  • Practical Scenario Training
  • Lesson Learned
  • Survival Strategies
  • Counter measures

Four (4) Hour and Eight (8) Hour Programs includes the above topics, as well as:

  • Mass Evacuation Procedures
  • Trauma First Aid
  • Tactical Response
  • Scenarios
  • Exercise the Plan

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