Student Criminal Background Searches

Schools now requiring volunteers to obtain backgrounds prior to entering the workplace and interact with student body.  Recently Pennsylvania enacted new legislation making it state law to do just that.  Amending the State Child Protective Services Act now teachers, administrators, contractors and volunteers will all be required to submit to criminal background search that would include sex offender search and child abuse case clearance.

As a result of the Sandusky scandal the Task Force on Child Protection was able to get this legislation passed.  For years teachers have been required to go through a background but now all those interacting with school students will have to be cleared. The only ones exempt will be the School Board members. However some are going through the process voluntarily.

Prior to this act the employee had to only be checked once.  Now it will be repeated every 36 months.  The volunteer and / or employee will have to submit to fingerprint check and State Police background inquiry.

Many states are in process of formulating similar legislation in the hope of affording a safe environment for our children while at school.

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