Trionaid Associates Forensic Examinations Services

Trionaid Associates specializes in providing forensic examinations of digital and computer media. Regardless of the size or form of digital media, the staff at Trionaid Associates will be able to locate deleted, hidden, missing or encrypted data. Our clients include attorneys, private investigators, and businesses. We offer a broad range of services and guarantee our clients a discrete business relationship.

By tailoring examinations to our client's needs, we are able to provide swift solutions and rapid success. Let the staff at Trionaid Associates help provide quick resolutions to such claims as sexual harassment within the workplace, loss of proprietary information, internal abuse, and wrongful dismissal. Our involvement can reduce the prospect of litigation and safeguard a company's or individual's reputation.

With the world's dependence on computers and data storage growing, the need for forensic analysis has become essential for mitigating risk, something no individual or company can afford. Whether the incident is administrative or civil in nature, our staff is ready.

Forensic Examinations Services

  • Consulting
  • Loss of Customer Data/Proprietary Information
  • Litigation Support
  • Data Recovery
  • Internal Security
  • Email Examinations
  • Data Wiping
  • Computer Security
  • Wrongful Dismissals
  • Witness Testimony
  • Electronic Evidence Procedures

The average cost of insider data breaches is $3.4 million per business per year.

It's certainly true that some insiders are particularly well-placed to do enormous damage to an organization.

Recent surveys confirm that more than 90 percent of all documents produced since 1999 were created in digital form.

Consulting Services

  • Electronic Discovery with forensic evidence and litigation support
  • Assist pre-electronic discovery planning (determine the who, what, where, and when for crafting proper electronic discovery requests)
  • Educate on use of digital forensics in your business
  • Consult in pre-discovery conference meetings

Computer Forensics Examinations

  • Preservation of electronic evidence
  • Investigation and analysis of electronic storage media (hard drives, camera media, USB drives, cell or smartphones, etc)
  • Recovery of deleted, lost, encrypted, damaged files (emails, text messages, graphics, documents, etc)
  • Assistance with discovery, depositions, motions, orders, and other litigation support
  • Electronic evidence strategies

Data Recovery

  • Hardware or software crash
  • Damaged or deleted files
  • Lost or deleted emails, text messages

Our computer forensic experts work side by side with your staff and may access data storage devices using recovery and analysis tools and techniques in an attempt to recover active and deleted data from inaccessible media and deleted files, including email. Our computer forensic experts retrieve data from virtually all storage media and operating systems, including Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OSX, UNIX, and Linux.

Wiping - Cleaning Drives

For businesses that have hard drives with sensitive, proprietary, or confidential data (Attorney-Client privilege, HIPAA, Intellectual Property, etc.) and need to permanently remove data, either before giving the PC to another user or before getting rid of the PC through obsolescence, we can:

  • Wipe all data from your hard drive
  • Verify all data has been overwritten – no data remains
  • Return cleaned drive and/or the certificate of data cleansing

Analysis of User Activity

We will provide reports on all user activity including, but not limited to, electronic mail, Internet and Intranet files accessed, files created and deleted, and user access times. We can also provide analysis of corporate server and gateway logs.

Password Protected Files

We use several state of the art tools and techniques to access password protected files and hard drives. We do not rely on just one tool, we use many! This is one of our strengths and we would be happy to discuss this more, just give us a call.

The staff at Trionaid Associates are comprised of highly trained and experienced individuals in the field of digital forensics. We employ the latest equipment and methods to ensure our clients the fastest and most thorough results. Our services and staff are available throughout the country. Our examiners will provide their resumes upon request.

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