Selecting The Right Background Check Company

There are many companies that offer employment pre-screening services. Below is some advice to making a choice before committing.

First, an employer should look for a professional partner and not just an information vendor selling data at the lowest price. They should also look for associations the firm is a member to. Second, an employer should apply the same guidelines that it would use in selecting any other provider of critical professional services. For example, if an employer were choosing a law firm for legal representation, it would not simply choose the cheapest law firm. Third, an employer should read the vendors web site for its principals’ backgrounds that would make them the best...

Use of Credit Checks for Hiring is Fading

In 2012 the media focused its attention on the role and impact of credit background checks on the nation’s high unemployment rate. Many States during this time passed laws dealing with the perception of injustice by using credit checks for employment purposes.

Many employers used credit checks in the process of hiring as a measure of applicants integrity, trustworthiness and stability.  There have been lots of questions about the validity of this approach, and the fact there has been no empirical data to support this position, employers persisted with the practice.

In the current times in the U.S. high employment persists and a massive melt down of the housing industry resulting in foreclosures and bankruptcies.  Extensive layoffs across most of the country all of which...


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