Experian RentBureau

A recent study of Experian RentBureau data found that more than 50,000 renters who initiated their leases over a six year period ended their leases owing money. Industry experts convened during the National Apartment Association Education Conference to analyze the study of more than 750,000 U.S. renters of class A & B properties. While some of the analysis may have had predictable outcomes, several findings concluded very surprising results.

  • A Major portion of these defaults involved renters whose credit scores did not reach the criteria of being a good risk.  Many were below 700 the study showed approximately 60% were at a level below 700. However a high percentage may be attributed to the fact that the predominate portion of the applicants...
Criminal Records

When doing a criminal search you should be aware of what some of the terms used and what they mean?

Criminal records are full of strange terms, abbreviations and legal jargon often making them difficult to decipher. Here are a few of the more common terms relating to case dispositions and their meanings that often show up in criminal history reports:

Nolle Prosequi – Prosecution will not proceed with the case at this time.  Not to be confused with and acquittal.

Nolo Contendere – Defendant does not enter a guilty or not guilty plea and does not wish to dispute the charges. Defendant accepts decision of the court.

Pre-Trial Probation – We see this in some MA cases.  It’s a court approved agreement with defendant...

Private Clubs and Charitable Organizations

In an effort to safeguard the non- profit clubs and charitable organizations’ staff and those they serve, it is required that a criminal background check be conducted.  In most cases there are digital fingerprints taken when the applicants are hired.  This is sound due diligence, but does have some flaws that could contribute to a situation in which an incident could occur with costly liability attached.

Fingerprints once submitted normally take weeks to several months to be returned.  In the real world the club or organization should abstain from putting these applicants to work until their results return.  However this is not always possible due to lack of qualified personnel or shortage of manpower needed to stay and function on the day to day business of the club or...

Background Checks for Youth Counselors / Summer Camps

Senator Charles E. Schumer is unveiling new legislation to close a gaping hole in a federal law concerning employment around children. Schumer announced legislation to work with the federal law and close a gap preventing summer camps, children's groups and other not-for-profit organizations from gaining access to federal criminal background checks on new employees and volunteers.
Under current law, most children's organizations only have access to the New York state database and cannot access the FBI databases, which are widely considered the most accurate and complete criminal databases. New York state's criminal database...

Ban The Box

"Ban The Box" - This is a new phrase in New Jersey and it commonly refers to new legislation some are attempting to pass.  In effect it would prohibit employers from doing a background on those seeking employment or even asking the applicant about any criminal convictions they may have. This legislation, if passed, would direct employers to wait until a conditional offer of employment was made before they could ask about previous criminal convictions, including offense such as murder, hold up, arson and weapons in possession charges.

Many firms would waste much of their resources processing applicants only to find out later they have to start the process all over again because a candidate was later found to be ineligible. Furthermore we can see civil possibilities when an...


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