Screening For New Hires

Companies and Individuals should always have a Standard For Screening new hires.  Below are items listed that should be considered when conducting backgrounds:

  • What is the job functions of position
  • Duties of job
  • Circumstances involving job performance
  • Environment where applicant will be employed
  • Access to assets or cash
  • Fiduciary responsibilities or authority connected to position
  • Access to confidential materials ie. Trade secrets and personal information
  • Access to co workers that could be affected by propensity to violence could be a threat
  • Impact of applicants falsification of skills, education or training  on the firms productivity
  • Is...
Civil Rights Commission and Criminal Background Checks

Recently there was a meeting with the Civil Rights Commission against the recent policy from the EEOC related to criminal background checks. This policy makes it more difficult for employers to conduct these searches.  The theory being that they are trying to ease and increase entry to the workplace by the former felon.  They feel that the Black and Hispanic applicants are most likely to be screened out as a result of a an employer requiring a background be conducted.

As well meant as this opinion may be made it may be misguided, the beneficiaries of such a policy may be harmed by it. The presumption was that it would increase the probability that minorities hired because the rigorous nature of the background check that is employing what’s known as the green standards based on...

Benefits of Pre Employment Screening

Non Profit Organizations and private employers face similar problems in the hiring process. Both want to consider the best candidate for the position while insuring the safety of their work environment. Both are plagued by the threat of liability, harm to fellow workers or worse. Private employer and nonprofit organizations strive to get enough information to establish that the applicant is capable of filling the position and will be a benefit to the firm or association.  However many of them exclude the most important part of the process, and that is to conduct a proper criminal background search on the applicant.

Many times this comes back to haunt them through losses caused by theft, embezzlement, fraud, drug possession or identity theft. Furthermore negligent hiring usually...

Nursing Home Theft: Who Is Responsible?

The most vulnerable victims to theft today are in Nursing Homes. They are being victimized daily and you would be shocked at who is responsible.

The thieves are absolutely of the worst kind. They are the ones responsible and entrusted with managing the victim’s money held in accounts at the Nursing Homes they occupy. The managers know the people who they take from and fully realize they are helpless to protect themselves.

People having to place elderly parents in Nursing Homes, because to care for them is so difficult, place their trust in those managing the home. Even the top rated homes in this Country employ some of the most despicable of criminals who target the elderly adult especially when their health begins to decline and they are most vulnerable and defenseless...

Background Checks Offered

Many busy people now utilize internet match making services and social sites to connect with what they hope is Mr. or Mrs. Right. It is a known fact that those becoming involved here expose themselves to potential threats of violence and financial loss or worse. Unfortunately the majority of the victims usually are women.
Individuals using these sites to attract a “mate” unfortunately are less than honest.  In some case they invent profiles of themselves such as wealth, looks and romantic personalities that are most favorable to themselves.  When a meeting is arranged and finally kept, the results could be tragic and range from disappointment to bodily harm.
Its dangerous world we live in, and one must protect themselves any way they can.  Although the...


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